Beautiful Stone Renovations for Affordable Housing

Cre8 Housing uses real limestone to give public housing a brand new look. The best part? There's no tearout! Our unique custom stone application allows us to give interiors and exteriors a major facelift for a fraction of the cost of traditional remodels!


Turn a housing project into a subdivision anyone is proud to live in.

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Executive Director Reviews

Dennis Wislon


“The Commerce Housing Authority (CHA)... has explored many different avenues to promote the revitalization of our neighborhoods. Cre8stone has provided an affordable solution to not only upgrade and enhance the exterior life of our buildings, but also an avenue to create a more positive feeling within our community. The CHA has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response from CHA residents, community members, local business owners, and the city in general.”

Chrissy Adams

Maybank ED

“We contracted Cre8stone to redo our showers in our units. I was so pleased with how quickly it was done. Cre8stone was able to help with designs and colors; they made the process simple. The installers were eager to please and made sure the colors were just what we wanted. The board loved it! I am already looking forward to my next project with Cre8stone.”

Teresa Crawford

Trinidad ED

“After visiting with Cre8stone at the THA conference this year, we knew which way we wanted to go in upgrading the floors in our PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY. Their services offered were affordable and worth every dime! It’s a very fast paced process completed by courteous professionals from start to finish. The positive changes the floors have made, not only in our units but also in the minds of our residents are nothing short of amazing! Looking forward to working with Cre8stone again in the future.”

Jim Dutton

"Not only do I recommend Cre8stone as a great way to add a beauitful look to your fireplace, walls, pool deck or driveway - I have this product in my very own home. It looks great and I'm always getting compliments from friends and neighbors every time they see it. I've known the team at Cre8stone for years and that's why I put my name behind them."

Jim Dutton

Texas Home Improvement Radio

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Our clients agree: our custom stone application is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to enhance public housing. Many of our projects take as little as one week! The mental benefit to tenants thanks to their beautified surroundings is immeasurable.