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Discover the future of stone remodeling with our revolutionary technology! Year after year, we strive to raise the bar and bring you the best. At Cre8Stone, we’ve perfected the art of applying stone with unparalleled efficiency. Each project is a masterpiece, customized to perfection, making architectural detail a breeze without any messy tear-outs. Experience the difference with us and unlock a world of innovative possibilities. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you to a remodeling journey like no other. Elevate your space with the finest stone craftsmanship – contact us today!

"Let's transform low-income projects into a remarkable subdivision
that tenants will be proud to call home."

-Garrison Pilant, Cre8house


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November 19, 2020 It has been one year since we started working with Cre8stone. We started with 3 bathrooms and after seeing their work immediately went to 10 bathrooms and had them do 1 exterior. With the extreme excitement from our tenants and our Board we have now completed approximately 20 bathrooms and 25 exteriors. I have never seen anything that has so totally changed the attitude of our tenants, they now feel like they live in a subdivision. The excitement of Mt Pleasant and our Board has been overwhelming as well. I plan to do more exteriors in the near future and highly recommend to other Executive Directors to have Cre8stone come and give you their recommendations.

Steve Martin, ED Mount Pleasent, TX

"We recently used Cre8stone to remodel the outside of five (5) of our duplexes at Bangs Housing Authority and also the window frames on the front of our community center. They all turned out beautifully! We were so happy with their employees who worked efficiently with our residents and finished in a timely manner. Their product is an affordable and beautiful alternative for Housing Authorities needing to upgrade units to stay competitive in today's market with minimal funding."

Karen Reynolds, ED Bangs, TX

Cre8stone remodeled 68 bathrooms for us. Our residents were very impressed by the new design. We recently contracted Cre8stone to cover the brick in two neighborhoods and our community center. They had great attention to detail, cleanliness, and were available anytime I needed communication. This really modernized the look of our buildings. We are now beginning another neighborhood. Olney Housing Authority

Richard Dinwiddie , ED Olney, TX

When I first started working with Cre8Stone, it was to remodel old, outdated bathrooms. However, once I realized what they could do to modernize the outside of my apartments, we went to WORK. Cre8Stone and Dawson Housing Authority worked together to turn duplexes and triplexes built in the early 1960s into homes of the 2000s. Their stonework not only covers old, discolored brick but seals the cracking of the mortar caused by years of shifting of the ground. Working with Cre8Stone over the past few years to update and re-create the exterior look of the Dawson Housing Authority has increased the value of our properties…best thing and monies we ever spent.

Kaye Taylor Walden, ED Dawson, TX

My board member and I had been talking to Cre8stone at every Nahro meeting for the past three or four years. We finally decided to pull the trigger and have 2 duplexes done. While they were on site doing those, we loved it so much that we had them do our community building. We also had all the porches and our covered party space surfaced with a rock look. The tenants are so proud of their homes now. The crew doing the work take great pride in their craftsmanship. We will be doing more as money allows. I highly recommend this if you are looking to class up your housing authority.

Dennis Wislon, ED Commerce, TX

"We had Cre8stone come out to overlay our bland apartment building that everyone sees from Mainstreet. After the job was complete, I was so happy with the results that I had Cre8stone come back out on two separate occasions for updates on my individual housing units. I started with the worst buildings that had cracks that were causing me to get dinged in my R.E.A.C inspections. Now I have beautiful homes that my tenants are so happy to live in! (AND NO MORE DINGS!) Cre8 has given us an incredible end result at prices much lower than I ever would have expected. I look forward to having them return for more projects as more money becomes available. I would highly recommend any ED seriously consider Cre8 for exteriors, showers, and floors."

Paula Blanton, ED Santa Anna, TX