"We recently used Cre8stone to remodel the outside of five (5) of our duplexes at Bangs Housing Authority and also the window frames on the front of our community center. They all turned out beautifully! We were so happy with their employees who worked efficiently with our residents and finished in a timely manner. Their product is an affordable and beautiful alternative for Housing Authorities needing to upgrade units to stay competitive in today's market with minimal funding." 

-Karen Reynolds, Executive Director


“The Commerce Housing Authority (CHA)... has explored many different avenues to promote the revitalization of our neighborhoods. Cre8stone has provided an affordable solution to not only upgrade and enhance the exterior life of our buildings, but also an avenue to create a more positive feeling within our community. The CHA has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response from CHA residents, community members, local business owners, and the city in general.”

-Dennis Wislon, ED


"Cre8stone has been the perfect solution to my small housing authorities problem of cost-effective bathroom refurbishments. Cre8stone gave me an attractive, modern look to 1960s old, worn-out bathrooms, and my residents love them too!"

-Kaye Taylor, Dawson Housing Athority 


“We contracted Cre8stone to redo our showers in our units. I was so pleased with how quickly it was done. Cre8stone was able to help with designs and colors; they made the process simple. The installers were eager to please and made sure the colors were just what we wanted. The board loved it! I am already looking forward to my next project with Cre8stone.”

-Chrissy Adams, Maybank ED

Mount Pleasant 

" Cre8stone has done 10 bathrooms for our housing authority. We are very pleased with the product and the service. We look forward to continuing to work with them on our refurbishment plans."

-Steve Martin, Executive Direct Mt. Pleasent Housing Authority

Santa Anna

"We had Cre8stone come out to overlay our bland apartment building that everyone sees from Mainstreet. After the job was complete, I was so happy with the results that I had Cre8stone come back out on two separate occasions for updates on my individual housing units. I started with the worst buildings that had cracks that were causing me to get dinged in my R.E.A.C inspections. Now I have beautiful homes that my tenants are so happy to live in! (AND NO MORE DINGS!) Cre8 has given us an incredible end result at prices much lower than I ever would have expected. I look forward to having them return for more projects as more money becomes available. I would highly recommend any ED seriously consider Cre8 for exteriors, showers, and floors."     -Paula Blanton,  Executive Director Santa Anna


“After visiting with Cre8stone at the THA conference this year, we knew which way we wanted to go in upgrading the floors in our PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY. Their services offered were affordable and worth every dime! It’s a very fast-paced process completed by courteous professionals from start to finish. The positive changes the floors have made, not only in our units but also in the minds of our residents are nothing short of amazing! Looking forward to working with Cre8stone again in the future.”

-Teresa Crawford, Trinidad ED